Watch Me Grow Tampa – Childs First Year Photos

Our Watch Me Grow packages are a great choice for anyone who wants to capture all the growing phases of their sweet baby and who want to save money in the process. It’s no secret that your baby grows a lot — and I do mean a lot — during his or her first year.

With a Watch Me Grow package, I’m there to capture all those transitional moments and faces. Sometimes there are faces your child makes, or habits he/she has, that don’t last more than a few months. By scheduling a session every three months, you’ll be way more likely to capture them. Having professional photos of those little idiosyncrasies? Priceless!

When you purchase a Watch Me Grow package, you’re buying yourself a set of beautifully captured, professional images of your newborn at all those quirky stages. The package includes three sessions, scheduled for whenever is convenient for you, with your choice of a 3-month, 6-month, 9-month and/or 1-year photo shoot.


Ashley Yvonne is a Local Florida Photographer in the Tampa Bay area specializing in Birth, Maternity and Newborn Photography

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Watch Me Grow- Child's First Year of Photos
Tampa Bay photographer offers your childs first year photos at a discounted rate. Capture your 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year photos

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