Tampa Florida Premier Maternity Birth and Newborn Photographer

Ashley Whitehead is the premier newborn, birth and maternity photographer based in Tampa, Florida. She has been recognized locally and regionally for her unique, natural and fun photos of pregnant women as well as newborn babies. She specializes in maternity, newborns, births and family photography for over 6 years. Ashley offers local portrait sessions at her home studio in natural lighting as well as on location photography. Ashley Whitehead, professional photographer, captures those special moments as your family grows. Tampa Bay families have trusted her to capture priceless memories and create custom portraits for your home. She has a style that encompasses a mixture of posed and lifestyle images. She wants her clients to have fun during their session and come away with beautiful, unique portraits.

Want to book a session? Contact Ashley Yvonne at 813.277.6275 or info@ashleyyvonnephotography.com

8817 Chesterton Place Tampa, Florida 33635

little boy in nest at tampa studio

Newborn Photographer in Tampa


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Top 3 Reasons to Schedule a Newborn Session

There are many different reasons for scheduling a newborn photography session, more specifically with a professional Newborn Photographer. I’m here to appeal to YOUR heart! Now, start thinking of all the things you’re going to miss or try to remember once your little newborn is grown. The way your newborn curls their fingers and holds their hands to their face, the way they smile when they see you, their tiny little toes. The list goes on…

Here are my top 3 reasons to schedule a Newborn Photography Session here in Tampa:

  1. They’ll only be this small ONCE.

    Will you remember how your Newborn baby fit into your hands? Or the feeling of the flutter of their heart against your chest when they’re sleeping?
    newborn girl in pinkfroggy pose of little boy beigebaby girl in grey and pink photo

  2. Details! Ears, Lips, Nose, Toes

    Your Newborn Baby’s detailed features will change from day to day. You’re going to want to capture the small details of their face, feet, etc so you can remember them on their wedding day or maybe when they have children of their own.details of newborn feet in photodetails of little newborn handsclose up of newborn face

  3. You as a parent need to be apart of this memory.

    Yes, you can get all the iPhone pictures you want and you should! But you need to be apart of this memory in photographs. Selfies don’t count by the way. A professional newborn photographer will capture you with your Newborn- all the snuggles you wish you could keep in a bottle- well a photographer will keep those memories fresh in your mind with a beautiful newborn portrait.newborn family portrait in tampaLiam-Morningstar-Newborn-by-Ashley-Yvonne-Photography-61

There are too many people I come into contact with that wish they had Newborn Photographs of all their little ones. Usually they realize it by time their oldest is 3 or so and feel like time flew by and they never got the sweet Newborn portraits of them but they know they aren’t making the same mistake with their second child.

“I regret having professional photos taken of my Newborn,” said …no one ever!

We both know these are pretty compelling reasons to go ahead and schedule..so what are you waiting for?

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Tampa’s Ultimate Newborn Care Services

little newborn girl with pink headband on cream blanket

As a local Tampa Bay, Florida Newborn Photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of Tampa’s finest in Newborn Care. One of these is Haleigh with Hush Hush Little Baby. I am apart of many Tampa Mom Groups and see how helpful it is to have a unique resource in Newborn Care. I asked Haleigh to introduce us to what HHLB is all about and what we can learn from her company.

Introducing the Ultimate in Newborn Care in Tampa, Florida..

Since founding Hush Hush Little Baby Newborn Care, I’ve become quite familiar with the question “What exactly does your company do?” As Tampa’s leader in newborn care, we specialize in overnight newborn care, lactation consultations, 24-hour care, and birth doula services.

Our newborn care specialists and doulas provide everything a family needs to help ease the transition while welcoming their newborn home. This typically includes a combination of education and assistance to help the parents care for their newborn and help them get some much-needed sleep. We’ve essentially taken the role of a “baby nurse” or “night nanny” and elevated the position to that of a skilled professional Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum Doula. This way, there’s no doubt about the skill level or credentials of the caregiver and our families can sleep easy knowing their baby is in good hands.

While Hush Little Baby provides a full spectrum of newborn care services, we consistently get questions about healthy sleep habits for their newborn. These are some of the most common questions we answer on a daily basis.

How can I help my baby fall asleep?

The best thing you can do to help your baby fall asleep at night is to create a great sleep environment. This means their room is completely dark, with a white-noise machine and a cool temperature between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. The hour leading up to bedtime is also very important. Give them a warm bath and minimize noise or other forms of stimulation. Lastly, ensure you’re putting your baby to bed before they become overtired.

How much sleep does my baby need?

Newborns (birth to three months) require 16-18 hours of sleep a day (American Academy of Pediatrics).

When can I expect my baby to sleep through the night?

Sleeping through the night means something different for each family. I consider a period of 6-8 hours of continuous sleep a success. Some babies sleep through the night at 4 months, but for others it may take up to a year. How many naps should my baby have (and when)?

Newborns spend more time asleep than they do awake, but after four months, they should maintain two or three scheduled naps a day. What can I do if my baby just won’t sleep?

Go back to the basics and evaluate the baby’s sleep environment and bedtime routine. If all else fails, our newborn care specialists provide sleep consultations as well as overnight care. Reaching out for a little help is a small investment that can save you many sleepless nights.

Should I worry about SIDS? How do I keep baby safe while they’re sleeping?

All new parents should take time to educate themselves about SIDS prevention. A great place to start is the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for Infant Sleep Safety and SIDS Risk Reduction.

Haleigh Almquist is the Founder & CEO of Hush Little Baby Newborn Care. As a certified Newborn Care Specialist, Lactation Counselor, and Postpartum Doula, she has been nationally recognized as an expert newborn care provider and educator. For more information about newborn care or doula services, visit www.hushhushlittlebaby.com
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Celebrate- Twelve by Twelve Project

Every month a group of 12 photographers post about a specific topic related to our field of expertise. The topic this month is “Celebrate.” This happens to be the last Twelve by Twelve Project for the year and came at the perfect time.

We are celebrating a fantastic, busy, fun business year! Ashley Yvonne Photography has been proud to be a choice for many Tampa Bay Families for their Maternity, Birth and Newborn Images. The 2015 year, we flourished! We are looking forward to an even busier year in 2016. We are already booking Summer 2016 Newborns so be sure to give me a call soon to get on the calendar.

Here are just a few of the images from 2015. I tried to include as many as I could, I hope you enjoy!

Tampa photographer best images of 2015

Be sure to check out Brooke Hamilton of Hamilton Creek Photography and her Celebrate Twelve by Twelve Post.

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My Happy Place – Twelve by Twelve Project

In case you haven’t been following our Twelve by Twelve Project, every month a group of 12 photographers post about a specific topic related to our field of expertise. The topic this month is our “Happy Place.” I happened to choose this months topic and think its perfect for most everyone’s month of Family and Celebration.

This month I am no different and will be sharing my family time with my husband on our Anniversary trip in Indonesia. We had an amazing time. As many know, traveling is one of our favorite things to do together and have shared in traveling together since we were dating.

I’m usually always in hand with a camera, this time I took only a small camera so that I could focus on my time with my hubby and enjoy being in the moment. With that said, these images are from my iPhone.

sunset in bali

Sunset at Tanah Lot in Bali

bali hut on waterwater cliffside

Rice Terrace Ubud

Rice Terrace in Ubud, Indonesia

We had an amazing time in Bali. The Balinese are such an extremely nice and hospitable culture. The countryside was lush and green. Breath-taking is one of the many words that come to mind. We are excited to return at some point for a more adventurous trip in the future!

Here’s one very relaxing, leisure photo of Chris and I enjoying our time by the water. Bali leisure time

Please be sure to continue on to the next photographer Laurel of Laurel Photography in South Tampa and her rendition of “My Happy Place”.

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